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Secure Code

Discover the safe way of paying with cards

The Secure CodeTM  is an authentication method for very secure internet shopning. In the checkout process the online store sends a request to your card issuing bank. This opens an input window in your browser and asks you for a personal security code,the Secure Code, known only to you and your bank.

The merchant can not see your code. This confirmation prompt is seamlessly integrated into the payment process and completed within seconds. You can shop easily and quickly, enjoying the art of modern security.


The authentication process


1. The card number and personal data are entered as usual for internet payments.

2. The internet store makes a request to the bank, asking for the authorization of paying with the card.

3. The bank opens a separate, secure channel for the identification of the cardholder.

4. The Secure Code is entered and checked.

5. The bank confirms the cardholder's identity.

6. The shopping is completed.





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